Cloud based platform for manufacturing and supply chain management, topped with richness of (IoT) Internet of things and Data science

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With an industry customized application much more than an ERP for small and medium scale manufacturing. We want to change the way small and medium scale industry function using Data Science, develop simple technology, to empower SME's to become bigger and better.


Are you tired of wanting to use ERP/SAP? And not found one that suits you? Or Do you use a complex,ugly and unproductive ERP and looking for specific solution. Here We Are!!! We believe that mere observation of data can lead to an invention, we believe in power of data science

Realtime Production Data Feeds

Track live production data like quantity produced and quantity rejected.A complete project/jobcard tracking system.

Critical Production Notifications

Get critical alerts like low stock quantity, pending deliveries or anything the matters to you the most.


Cockpit view of you business. Everything that you need to know to make a data driven decision.

Highly Customisable

With a plug and play apps you can choose any available app or add a completely customised one for your requirement.

Elegant Design

Simple and Elegantly designed UI. Even operator or helpers can use comfortably.The screen responsive interface fits to any size of screen.

Local and Internet Cloud Based

You can choose to setup a local cloud(LAN or wifi) or choose to host on cloud.

Integration With Third-Party Apps

We have an option of integrating wide range of applications(such as Biometrics or even your machines itself).

Powerful Reporting And Analytics

Our analytics help you understand your plant capacity, machine and resource utilisation.Also recieve reports through e-mail,sms or smartphone.

Runs with existing ERP

Worried about legacy DataBase? No problem,our applications can hook into existing ERP systems.


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See only what matters to you most

Dashboard Notification

Notification For Stock Running Low

Progress Status

Infographic view of job status

Project tree

See every transaction

Job Card Tracker

Detail view of work orders

Administrator View

Bird View For Admin Control


Out to change the world.

  • 2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started with manufacturing sourcing and mechanical design consulting.

  • 2014 November

    A Proplan was born

    As we did manufacturing sourcing we noticed that lot of manufacturing data was not captured or was captured as hard copies. Proplan was our first application meant for injection moulding industry.

  • April 2015

    Transition to Full Product

    Wide range of customised applications were built to cater different kind of manufacturing setup from printing to tool room and our product Pyfactory was born.

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Pyfactory is cloud platform build for manufacturing , it provides the most easiest and hassle free way of collecting and recording data from your operators, machines and every other nook and corners you can think off in your business.

Time logger for machining driven industry.

Every project has different components under it, which make an assembly for mould set. Machining time consumed for each project is what represent the most of cost incurred in executing the project/job. So it become necessity to track time consumed in machining an component. Operators used to log start time, end time and process for each component being machined in log book.These log book were inconceivable and lifeless records.

Production process monitor, Stores management and Job tracker

Pyfactory, being a cloud platform made it easy to solve above solutions with unique way and automating the whole process of passing on information to each person in production and management levels. Job-card module equipped with custom costing template gave them a clear estimation of cost involved in production.

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